SIM-card activation

For SIM-card activation:
Insert FreeCell SIM-card in your mobile phone, turn it on, wait SIM menu to be loaded. On your display you will see a menu in which you should choose: «GLOBAL» or «PRIME». If you are in Italy or Great Britain choose «PRIME», if you are in any other country, choose «GLOBAL». After this procedure the SIM card will register in the network of local mobile provider. In order to start using the telephone, you need to activate the SIM-card. Dial *101# and press "Call" button. Your SIM-card will be activated immediately. Also you can allocate your Russian number to FreeCell SIM-card. Detailed description in the section keeping your number.
You can also set your own number as a substitution number. More details in the section number substitution.

SIM menu comands

Connectin to FreeCell after buying a SIM-card:
SIM card activation*101# Rate plans activation
«Contact» – is automatically activated after activating the SIM card, works constantly
Data settings: APN: globaldata Name: any name Activation of additional countries which are not in the general rate plan:
Activation of additional countries *250*1#
Substitution of a virtual number: *150*1#, "call" key Random change of number:*150*0#, "call" key Information:
Check your balance *100# or *102# or *105# Display your number *103# Display your SIM ID: *110# Additional options "The whole world unlimited":
Voice substitution *300*X#, where X - a number from 1 to 7, changing your voice in different variations Setting of real voice: *300*0# Turn on "Keeping your number"
Keeping your number Turn on "Number substitution"
Number substitution

Activate a virtual number

To activate a virtual number on 'Whole World Unlimited' and 'VIP Secure' rate please let us know about it via e-mail ([email protected]).
In the e-mail also note the SIM ID (to find your SIM ID enter *110#) and area that you would like your virtual number to belong to.
To activate a virtual number for the other rates
For the other rates a virtual number is activated in the following format: +7 958 ХХХ ХХ ХХ 30€per year. The activation in this case costs €30 per year.
To set a virtual number substitution: enter *150*1# and press the call key. Random number substitution: enter *150*0# and press the call key.
The monthly fee will be deduced from the SIM balance account.

Mobile data

Data Set Ups for Android:
1. Tap ‘Setttings’ 2. Tap ‘Mobile networks’ 3. Tap ‘Access Point Names'. There you will see GPRS, WAP and MMS.
1. Choose GPRS Name – any (e.g., Secure SIM) APN – ‘globaldata’ 2. Leave other fields by default 3. The handset will automatically connect to a Data Network. Next to the signal strength indicators, you will see H or 3G sign. Data Set Ups for iOS:
Mode №1:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ 2. Tap ‘Cellular’ 3. Turn on ‘Data Roaming’ 4. Go to ‘Cellular Data Network’ 5. In Cellular Data set: APN – ‘globaldata’ User Name − no
Mode №2:
1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network 2. Open ‘Safari’ 3. Go to ‘m.apnchanger.org’ 4. Tap ‘Manually’ 5. APN Name – ‘globaldata’ 6. Tap Install Profile (if needed, tap twice) IMPORTANT! Make sure ‘Data Roaming’ is on.
«Mobile data» allows:
- Get full access to the Internet - Work with e-mail - Communicate in popular applications - Make / receive calls from any instant messengers - Enjoy high-speed mobile Internet 4G - Upload music, pictures, games and other content

Incoming call

FreeCell subscribers can receive Inbound Calls on DID number. Conditions for connecting a DID number -
Subscribers can allocate a DID like +7 958 ХХХ ХХ ХХ for 30 EUR per year.
The Number can receive Inbound Calls (an Inbound Minute coincides with the cost of an Outbound Minute), SMS are not supported.

Frequently asked questions

Can I receive a call if I have a zero balance? Yes, you can receive calls even if your SIM has a zero balance.
Does FreeCell SIM work in Russia? FreeCell International SIMs work in Russia.
How to make calls fr om FreeCell SIM? To make a call, the phone number should be typed in international format. For example, if you need to make a call to number +442721234567 the number should have a following format: +442721234567. For main destinations the call is done by means of direct call feature. If a subscriber is in a zone where the camel call doesn’t function, the call would be done by means of call back feature: After dialing you will see a message «Wait for a Call», in a few seconds you will get an incoming call to your phone. Answer the phone and wait for the subscriber's answer. Ratification of the call starts from the beginning of the conversation.
What to do if the camel call doesn’t function? (error 221) The most common way to eliminate this error – to turn on the call back feature (available in SIM Menu or by dialing command #954). You can also manually switch to another operator or choose other profile in SIM Menu.
How to activate FreeCell SIM? Dial *101# on your phone.
How to check FreeCell SIM balance? Dial *100# or *102# or *105# on your phone.
How much costs the call to technical support team from abroad? The call to technical support team to numbers +78124580112 or 0500 are free for FreeCell SIMs even if you have zero balance or expired voice package.
How to make calls to FreeCell numbers from Russia? What does it cost? A call to FreeCell number should be done in following format: From mobile phone: +44 797 ХХХХХХХ From land line: 8 10 44 797 ХХХХХХХ In this case the call cost depends on your current operator outbound rate sheet. For FreeCell SIMs all calls are free. The call to FreeCell SIM can cost less if the subscriber uses “Keep your local number” feature.
Does FreeCell SIM work in Great Britain? Yes, FreeCell international SIM works in Great Britain.
Is it possible to use FreeCell SIM card in iPhone or iPad? Yes, it is possible. You can order a special FreeCell SIM-card by using our web-site or buy it from our dealers (Dealers list is on the website under "Wh ere to buy").
Do I need to configure the mobile phone for the SIM-card FreeCell? You don't need to configure your mobile phone in order to use FreeCell international SIM-card.
Is data available for FreeCell subscribers (GPRS/EDGE/3G)? Internet service is available when you activate Internet packets. You can learn the price for the Internet here: Mobile data. You can learn about operators in each particular country by using country search (Rate - More details - Choose a country).
How to top up the balance of FreeCell SIM card? You can top up using our web-site http://FreeCell.com/pay/ .
What is the validity of FreeCell SIM-card? Validity of FreeCell International SIM-card is unlimited. If your balance is not topped up and there are no calls done within 2 years, SIM card profile gets reclaimed.
Can I top up SIM balance before activating SIM card? Yes, you can make a top up before activating SIM card. Ins ert a FreeCell SIM-card in your phone. Once the SIM-card is registered in the network, you will recieve a SMS with a phone number. After this you can add funds to your account using our web-site http://FreeCell.com/pay/ . In order to learn your number, dial on your mobile phone *103# and press «CALL» button. To learn your SIM ID - *110# and press «CALL» button. I have bought FreeCell SIM card. How to check if it works? 1) Ins ert the SIM-card in to a mobile phone, turn it on and wait for the SIM-menu to be loaded. It can take some time. 2) In a case if the phone hasn’t connected the network, it is required to sele ct the network manually in Settings: “Network operator” -> “Search networks”, do the “Search networks manually” (Names of parameters can derive according to different phone models). 3) In order to start using the phone, you should activate a SIM card. Dial *101# on your phone.
How to top up FreeCell SIM balance, being abroad? Being abroad you can add funds to your FreeCell international SIM-card balance at our web-site http://FreeCell.com/pay/ by Visa or MasterCard credit cards.
Communication services are billed in rubles or EURO? Communication services are billed in EURO.
How to check FreeCell international SIM-card balance in Russia and other countries? You can check balance of FreeCell international SIM-card for free. Dial *100# or *102# or *105# and press «CALL» button.
Is there any commission if I add funds by using VISA or MasterCard credit card? If you add funds to your balance by using VISA or MasterCard there is no commission. The card gets charged in the currency of the card equal to the amount in EURO according to the exchange rate of your bank.